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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >> breaking news from southern california. this is a wildfire burning in malibu that broke out early this morning and it is currently raging out of control. >> good morning, at 5:00, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have a lot going on.
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first, a check on the forecast. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, good morning, everyone, we will look at live doppler hd, and fewer high clouds than the last couple of mornings but if there is a colorful sunrise, i will find it, #abc7now. from the camera you can see how quiet it is with milder temperatures, a lost mid-to-upper 40s and by noon hang in the mid-60s to 70 so a nice day to be outside and warm again this afternoon, upper 60s to low 70s at 4:00, and another mild evening, mid-50s to mid-60s. these are showing cooler weather coming up. all the bay bridge toll plaza is easy. no delays. no meaterring lights. if you travel on 8930 into the maze, golden gate field into san francisco, actually, at 15 minutes. we have ace train one out of stockton on time. the rest of the transit options next report.
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>> thank you, back to breaking news, in southern california, a brushfire break out in malibu two hours ago and it is exploding inside, we have been watching from our newsroom so what are you seeing? >> evacuations are underway in malibu and the fire is burning near the pacific coast highway. it started after 3:00 a.m. according to our sister station, nearly 300 kids are being evacuated from camps in the area. 20 acres have burned. you can see the fire is growing fast. the firefighters have helicopters attacking it from above. flames are moving uphill with no strong winds and no homes appear to be in the path of the fire.
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>> thank you. people in sunnyvale want to know, what is the noise? something is going bump in the night and they blame their neighbor. the neighbor? apple? so far, mum on the subject. janet is part of guess game. janet? >> yes, reggie, neighbors say the strange news is coming from here, apple sunnyvale complex and we her it, too. take a listen. it does sound like an auto body slop and an industrial machine, perhaps, ramping up but we cannot make it out for sure. we enjoy the security is tight and while we were shooting a guard was watching from the prius, and everyone is making a guess at to what, exactly, apple could be doing in the overnight hours. they have been secretly working on something and neighbors are guessing it is a car.
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the san jose mercury news said they got permits to described as a repair garage and auto work repair area and apple could be working on a self driving or electric car. another explanation why the work is go on at night according to the paper, off-peak electricity use is cheecher. and the apple spokesperson will not confirm or deny they are indeed building a high-tech car but they did say that apple has a long history of developing auto-related products. >> thank you, john it. and now fremont police are traying to determine if the case of a missing woman is tied to the discovery of a torso near the dumbarton bridge on sunday and a suicide off the bay bridge on tuesday. the 2357-year-old shelly titchener was recorded missing two weeks ago and on tuesday night, her husband, paul titchener, jumped off the bay bridge and it turns out he was a "person of interest" in her
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disappearance, and we were at the -- we were the only crew at the home yesterday, and the fremont police came to serve a search warrant. a maybe said she could not believe it. >> no one know, can imagine that scenario in our head. they were nice neighbors, he was a nice respectful quiet guy. >> other neighbors say they saw they were having problems and heard the couple fighting. moment services are held tore pittsburg police officer pearman. there was a vigil last night for the man they knew. >> he was really easy to deal with. >> not often you run into someone would will say this about the cop who arrested them. >> rather it be him than someone
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else. the officer pearman arrested victor for having outstanding warrants and he never took an his dignity. a stream people from all walks of life poured into the chapel to say goodbye. the community decorated pearman's patrol car. >> he give us respect. he was well respected. he died from a heart attack while chasing a shop shoplifter he was working a second job. he patrolled housing projects and embraced the area. >> he would play basketball with the kids, and he would get to know the kids, he would get do know the community. >> at christmas he bought gives for people who needed them in the unable. >> he did not have to use first. his voice often solveddive all of problems he came in contact with. >> he earned their respect and represented the true meaning of
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community policeing. a memorial service for the officer is health at 10:30 at church of the good shepard in pittsburg. >> oakland could be sued for an assault involving a probation officer. the officer claims on december 7 the off duty oakland police officer showed town her house drunk and armed, forked their way inside and got into a fight with her husband. hours later she said more officers showed up and tried to get her to change her story. four officers have been placed on leave. the attorney filed a claim against the city year. the family of a man released after serving 18 years for a crime he did not commit said that the state essentially dumped a very sick man. you will see this only on abc7. this is luther jones a week ago
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when the department of corrections released him from prison hospital. the centers dropped him off at his son's home. and left. in 24 hours, three lost consciousness. >> is what last at the gate and almost died. i just almost died. >> they told me he had kidney failure and liver failure and diabetes and on dialysis. >> did they say he needed to be in the hop. >> you three was sentenced for child abuse and the girl who definite gips him has recanted the story say she was coached to lie by her mother. >> happening today, a council member will introduce a resolution that up -- urged president obama to require federal employees to have locked up.
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this is after fatal shootings in san francisco and in oakland where people were killed with dole were guns from federal employees. >> customers investigated what caused three employees to get sick at alameda facility, and firefighters evacuated the building yesterday. customs inspector complained of being dizzy after opening an oval with white powder. 20 were quarantined. no suspicious substance was actually found. the building was decontaminated as a precaution before haz-mat gave them "all clear." no record breakers? >> close were we will fall three or four degrees shy. warmer on the peninsula, and mid-40s to forly 50 at belmont at 51, san bruno is 52, san can low 50, 51 in san jose, los gatos is 56 and oakland is 52
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and san ramon is 54 and mill valley is 47. from the east bay hills camera, the clear air is out there but for tree pollen is high again. san rafael is look south on 101, hazy but so far not much fog. temperatures today are upper 60s at the coast and mid-70s for the rest of us and in the mid-to-upper 70s for the rest of us and light shower in the afternoon and evening and hour by hour look at that next. sue? >> bart has 36 trains on time this morning, so that is a great way to go if i do not goal like drive, ace train one coming into the station and number three is ready to leave on team this morning and no reports of delays doctor muni, buses or light rail. southbound 680 through walnut creek, beyond north main to highway 24, if you are traveling this morning the drive from highway four to concord to 24 in walnut creek is nine minutes. traffic looks green so that is good, with slowing from the altamont pass and into livermore
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where it picks up. stay tuned. >> how without like to get more sleep in the morning? >> or night. or any time. >> afternoon, midday. >> a bay area high school student whose may have extra time to get sleep. >> coffee cup controversy, the >> coffee cup controversy, the complaints being raised abut the
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay
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area, this is abc7 news. >> east bay parents eye teens could get more rest before school. alameda school district is considering delaying start time for middle and high school classes by up to an hour. some patience are behind the effort saying it will improve academic performance if they start between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. district high schools now start at 8:00 a.m. with some special classes starting at 7:00 a.m. and middle school start right now at 8:15. the american academy of pediatrics has recommended that classes start at 8:30 a.m. or even later. >> san jose police chief is well on the way to becoming the full time head of the department. the city manager said he is recommending that the city council name garcia the next pegs chief officially. the council will vote to ratify the selection next week taking over last month for the new chief in tracy. >> thousands of jobs will be
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available today in emeryville, with the hiring events taking place from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the hilton garden inn on powell, free with more information on our website at >> some people are dreaming in gold at pixar, "inside out," could win for best animation of year, and we were told the nomination feels great by the producer. >> you do not maybe the films with awards in mind, you make them one frame at a time or five years with a big crew. >> we were in emeryville to see the sketches and skull -- sculpture, this movie is about a girl who moves to san francisco with her family after her dad get as new job and she adjusts to the new life and is embody by all sorts of characters if her head. >> somehow, everyone has something that conducts to that, they have been a kid or had a
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kid and felt bad so it reached the audience. we are pleased. >> the editorial was it should have been nominateed for best picture. >> you loved it. >> both abc7 and pixar are occupyied -- owned by >> vice president will be here to talk about cancer. he will be a renter. the first lady presented best picture in 2013 and the vice president joined a star-studded cast of presenters including lady gaga and ryan gosling. chris rock is hosting the oscars and our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with a section on the oscars on our website at this only you can see the stars who have hit the red carpet with the parents, siblings and kids
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with exclusive content on news app which can be downloaded with alerts on who wins on sunday. >> very excited. >> it will be fun. hard to stay inside on a die like that but it will be nice on tv. now a look at what is go on with live doppler hd. it is bone dry and few high clouds so no delays at sfo. temperature right there is 52 under clear skies. warm and dry afternoon coming your way and weak showers tomorrow and better chan next week. low-to-mid 70s away from the coast and in the mid-to-upper 60s. tonight we are dropping into the 40s in most neighborhoods, like this morning. a few 50s around rich san mateo. and now, out of the storms can you expect a storm system that is weak to start with and
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weakens moving through the neighborhood. spotty light showers and a little bit of a breeze where he blow up. at noon tomorrow you can see the clouds increasing and the sea breeze making it cooler by 4:00, the scattered light shows moving into the not bay and notice the lack of yellow and orange moving into the heart of the bay at rush hour it falls apart and by the evening, forget it. nothing go on. less than .1" rain. my seven-day outlook shows you will notice get werely cooler tomorrow, and interest saturday, and we will see sunday, a slight chance of wet weather across the north by and getting warm again on monday and tuesday and wednesday before a chance of rain late next week. sue? >> our drive times at 5:18 in the morning, tracy to dublin is the hotspot, and run sluggish at 38 minutes and highway 4 westbound is good into concord with 16 minutes. san rafael to san francisco is 16 minutes and from novato it is
5:19 am
longer, 26 minutes from novato into lombard in san francisco and traffic is flowing nicely beyond the civic center. we will look at the golden gate bridge and this is what you find, smoot sailing across the waldo grade and you have four lanes for the southbound commute at this hour. back in a couple of minutes with a look at the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. >> no coffee cake cups for you germany, with the second largest company wants to ban the single use coffee pods which would only be in government buildings and each pod contains these grams of waste trash with enough to circle the earth 12 times buried if landfills. >> face book has a new reaction option and uber for motorcycles. >> in today's tech bytes apple is,ing with on an upgrade for
5:20 am
security. they are developing ways to wake it impossible for a government to hack into a locked iphone setting the stage for more legal battles in the future. >> it looks like siri could soon come to your mac with reports that claim apple will unveil the new feature in june part of the next software update. >> it has been rolled out for all of the apple mobile devices including the iphone and apple batch. -- watch. >> and now uber motorcycle service a chance to select a two wheeled vehicle. all the if you program is available only in thai land and despite a helmet requirement likely never available leader in the united states. >> but he looks happy. safety first. those the tech bytes. >> we have new information of a controversial police shooting in san francisco two years ago. a witness now claims that the
5:21 am
man had his hands in his jacket pocket when police fired 48 shots killing him. >> officers said they thought he had aimed a gun at them but it was a taser. tonight, at 11:00, dan noyes has the inside story on the case that is headed to a jury next week. >> united states army is looking to make the soldiers more comfortable on the battlefield. the arm expected to roll out a new lighter army body system in 2019 that will provide at least as much protection as the day's system but with more comfort, greater flexibility. >> new vests are 26% lighter than older models, and 23 pounds cop paired to 31 pounds. with soldier feedback, 95% positive. stay tuned.
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look at this, number one, breaking news of evacuations underway right new in malibu after the fast moving brushfire that break out this morning already jumping more than 20 acres in size and a couple hundred children at camps are being taken out of the the area. >> two, the son of missing brisbane woman shelby -- shelly ditch knell posted she has died. her husband committed suicide off the bay bridge on tuesday. >> three, the mother of a san jose woman found dead in the east bay said her boyfriend has been arrested her death. he will be in court today. >> increased security for the weekend at two south san francisco high schools after a letter was sent details threats made against staff and students at south san francisco high school. >> five, tens are double digits
5:25 am
above average again. all of us in the 70s but for at the coast, and that is going to end with a weak system that will bring us a slight chance of rain tomorrow with hour by hour look at that and the rest of the weekend coming up. >> a look at thursday morning commute, light crosses san mateo bridge at 14 minutes, we are getting word of a minor bart delay from san leandro with that and more when we come back. >> all 15 crew members from a ground the fishing vessel near queens new york have been transported to a local hospital. the coast guard is waiting to see if the tide will free the ship. if now they will call in a tow bruck kaepernick is not done with the 49ers and will be where the teen and compete for the starting quarterback job. his future has been in the air since he lost his job and had
5:26 am
three surgeries. many have specific limited the 49ers would friday or release him to avoid paying him $12 million. >> the san francisco art museum is celebrate the 50th anniversary with exhibits over the next few weeks. all the first to open is pearls on a string, showcasing writing and art from 16th century india, and 17th century iran and the ottoman empire to show slew islamic cultures were so diverse. [ inaudible ] in the great empires the culture diversity was a constant phenomenon. >> among the items on exhibit is a 500-year-old copy of the persian become of king -- book of kings and a sultan's rifle. >> we have new detail on the person who poisoned a horse in the north bay and there could be
5:27 am
many more cases across sonoma. >> two bay area tech leaders are threated by isis. threated by isis. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news coming enat 5:30. it is thursday, and i am regular. >> good morning, reggie and natasha. here is live doppler hd and over three hours, nothing. hardly any clouds. we look from the exploritorium at bi15, 40 to 52 and milder. by noon we will have a few high clouds join our sunshine, at 66 to 70. by 4:00, 68 to 72, the warmth
5:30 am
will peak and hang out in the evening at 56 to 64. the cooler weather and the rain could create it next. >> we are experiencing minor delays on bart so it is ten minutes, with a train out of the service in the richmond daly city direction so they are work on recover i that. otherwise, ace train one and three are ready to depart on time with in problems muni buses and rail reporting necessity delays and the bay bridge shows metering lights are on and at look at the south bay coming up. announce the rescue in new york, this is unfolding all night at rockaway beach in queens. a 74' fishing vessel ran aground at 1:30 this morning, and a coast guard ship which was sent to help ended up needing help. it overturned. five coast guard members safely reached the beach. this is video you just saw of fishermen brought to show and
5:31 am
all crew members have been rescued at hospital and stable. the coast guard is waiting do see if the changing tide will free their ship and if not, it will call on the towboat. it is not clear why the ship ran aground. >> a bay your woman goes missing and a headless torso surfaces and the missing woman's husband jumped off the bay bridge. fremont police say the these bizarre events could be connected. our reporter is in brisbane with the story you saw first on abc7 news. amy? >> yes, natasha, brisbane police are working with fremont police to try and connect all of this. there are many elements to consider. shelly titchener disappeared more than a week ago. she lived in brisbane with her husband would recorded her missing. on sunday, a torso washed up near the pier and police have not said who it belongs to but not -- cannot rule out
5:32 am
shelly. her husband was a "person of interest" and he jumped off a bridge. it is too much to take in for the neighbors. >> not...just shouting. no...nothing violent. just shutting. just shutting. raised voices. missing person but a green son posted a message to facebook last night saying "my mother shelly tip neither and fall paul have recently passed. i hope you will respect the privacy of my family and i, thank you to everyone who support us in the search for my mother." police have said the case is unusual and they are not close to rapping it up with a last work to do. now back to the brushfire burning east of malibu from kabc
5:33 am
if los angeles our sister station breaking out at 3:00 in the santa monica mountains quickly burning more than 20 acres. the highway is now closed east of pch and several hundred kids from camps are being evacuated as we speak. first crews are trying to get a hold of this before it takes off and becomes completely out of control. we will monitor the fire and bring you mother pictures as they come in. you can follow us on twitter for breaking updates at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> back if san francisco, a man is dead after being hit by several cars on northbound 280 last night. he was walking in traffic and hit by several drivers. authorities issued aing is alert while they investigated. lanes re-opened before 2:00 this morning. in the north by a 19-year-old man is recovering from a gun shot wound afterring shot neither a popular movie theater
5:34 am
near the park lost the theater last night at 7:00. moviegoers were told to stay inside while police searched for shooter. >> unrelated to the movie theater. it was much more this end of the lot closer to this building. we do not know what started it or what it was about but we are looking for a suspect vehicle, black cross over time care with hispanic male and african man. >> the victim is expected to survive. isis is a new tag get with two prominent ceo's in the bay area have been targeting we zuckerberg and jack dorsey. >> grew of isis supporters released a new video that directly threatens the two tech ceo's, the 25 minute video cames out zuckerberg and dorsey by first names, mark and jack,
5:35 am
for suspending and deleting social media accounts. isis uses social media to recruit and reach out tore -- to reach out to supporters. a message appears close an account we will take ten we lives in return. extremists claim to have hacked thousands of profiles and twitter has removed more than 125,000 accounts. facebook has taken an active apporach to remove terrorist activity from the platform. zuckerberg and dorsey have not commented on the threat. >> parents in south san francisco could be choosing to coach their teens home from school today. someone sent a letter reporting threats against students and staff at the high school,
5:36 am
say that the extra security measures are in place for the rest of the the week at both schools. students we city home will get an excused absence as long as parents notify the school first. >> this hayward man will be in court tomorrow on charges he murderedly girlfriend. this is him and his girlfriend, stacey aguilar disappeared after leaving the party with him. her body was found shot several times in the east waylies on saturday. >> people are talking about this, apple c.e.o. tim cook is explain his stand behind the iphone ensure description controversy but apple will not help the f.b.i. unlock the iphone blocking to frack a san bernardino shooter. authorities believe that the phone could hold information on other plots. >> do you have any concern that you might be able to prevent a terrorist attack by breaking into the phone? >> some things are hard and some things are right.
5:37 am
and some thing are boat. this is one of those. apple has worked with the fbi before but in this situation it is a matter of privacy and public safety. >> waking up milder this morning so we will look at temperatures along the east bay, 49 at castro valley and union city is 48 and everyone else in the low 50s until alameda at 54 and berkeley at 56. we have 49 in mountain view and concord and antioch and san jose at 51 and san francisco at 55 and check out novato and napa, 45 degrees. walking the dog, milder, warm sunshine this afternoon, and at the beep enjoy the warm sunshine the last day we will have it for a while, and tree pollen is high whether it is jogging, bicycling, whatever. here is a look at 280 and 17 you request see it is clear in san jose with the 51 degree temperature. south bay could be the warmest upper 70s and notice the 60s back in the forecast tomorrow. weak cold front and a little bit
5:38 am
of light rain. i will look at that. sue? we will check out the drive time headed to the central valley, up and over the altamont pass, intoism, you are looking at a 41-minute drive to the dublin/pleasanton interchange westbound 580, moderate from antic to concord and now it slipped to 20 minutes and san rafael to san francisco, just under 20 minutes, and here is a look at san jose, highway 87, beyond the s.a.p. center, and the exit at julian is moving nicely and getting busy as the commute is underway, over all, our traffic map is looking really good, green is good, this is the slow traffic out of the central valley, and a reminder tonight at the oakland arain and through the weekend, we have disney on ice "frozen," and it is $40 to park. we will look at the bay bridge and the north bay drive and with bart delay. stay tuned. >> what a difference a few weeks of rain and snow make, the extra share of water we will get from
5:39 am
the state in the summer. >> targeting trump, the last best chance ted cruz or marco rubio will have today to slow the billionaire's march of the republican presidential nomination. >> tracking breaking news as we head to break you can keep on top of traffic and weather with abc7 and a wildfire that is burning in malibu on the bottom box of the screen. box of the screen. we are gathering t
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, by bay santa cruz police want you to look at these surveillance video images two men robbing a 7-eleven store at gunpoint yesterday morning and here is the unusual part, that is the clerk's dog confronting the men. one of the robbers point a gun at the dog. the worker was able to call the dog back before anything bad happened. the men got away in a white mercedes or lexus with cash from the register. >> we have if you detail on a string of animal poisonings. we were this after a woman set her horse and dog died from being poisoned by tainted biscuits. the sheriff is getting dozens of calls all from people who think their pets or animals were targeted. investigators are trying to determine if the degrees are
5:43 am
linked. deputies suggest that people walk their product and look for anything out of the ordinary. >> neighbors in san francisco's bayview are getting a chance to tell federal officials directly about their concerns with police. >> we were at thurgood high school with anger to the police growing since officers shot can killed mario woods in the bayview district after they say he refused to drop a knife. cell phone video captured the shooting. >> you call yourself trying to deescalate it but it did not happen when the boy reached down. you did not pay attention. >> the justice department has launched an independent review of the san francisco police. >> state judges blocking governor brown's ballot initiative to reduce the prison population, siding with distribute tons would claim it
5:44 am
was not properly filled. brown wanted to collect signatures to put the member on the ballot in november stripping prosecutors of their power to decide how juveniles are tried and allow early parole for nonviolent felons. >> republican presidential candidates are in texas tonight for the final debate before super tuesday's 12 primaries. this morning, frontrunner donald trump is responding to suggestions there is a bombshell in his tax returns. that suggestion comes from 2012 g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney. romney. all candidates ex >> usually there is something they done. with you to see when they will unlawful reveal. >> trip trump had to respond so he responded saying mitt romney who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax runs made him look like a fool, is now playing you
5:45 am
it guy. trip trillion said there is nothing going on with the taxes other than he pay as lot. >> parents are just being told about unsafe levels of lead and water at an elementary school, and officials turned east drinking fountains after they were tested by the insurance company and students are drinking the bottled water. the school district insists that in students drank the tainted water but some parents say their kids complained about the water looking funny. >> recent storms have allowed the water prosecute to double the amount of water they expect to deliver this year. according to the department of wart resources, the project will deliver 30% of the amount requested. a month ago, the alamo kay was only 15%. water officials say the amount would have been higher if we did not have such a dry february. january was just soaked.
5:46 am
>> a lot of us above average. now we are all below i will show you that in the next weather in eight minutes. now, the fog, at 4:00, through 9:00, visibility is less than quarter-mile and light offshore flow in the inland east bay and north bay neighborhoods and walnut creek is hazy. we will have mostly sunny afternoon and temperatures at least ten degrees warmer-than-average and a chance of light showers tomorrow through the evening. that will knock our weekend highs down closer to average. today, 70 to 75 and as has been the case, we will fall short of record highs if you head to the coast, the dangerous surf is again. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 60's and watch out for the u.v. inde, moderate. 52 in richmond and 50 in san mateo, and 51 if vallejo and san jose 50 the rest us in the mid-to-upper 40s. tomorrow, you can see the clouds increasing and as we head to the going of the commute, scattered
5:47 am
light showers and moving through the heart of the bay at 7:00 and into the south bay and then falls apart. because it is going to row rain, we have storm impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe, and locally breezy conditions is possible from the spotty light showers dropping less than .1". my seven-day forecast shows notice more 60s friday, saturday and sunday. and it is warm again on monday can tuesday and wednesday. sigh? >> good morning, checking with bart they are recovering with den minute delay out of san leandro and the richmond and daly city direction with early train to take out of service. they are recovering. they hope to have that cleared up. ace train is on time. no delays with other mass transit. metering lights on at 5:34. and 80 approach from golden gate field to san francisco is 16 minutes. from 880 no delays until here at eight-minute delay from 880 and
5:48 am
580 to pay the toll. san rafael is busy. this is our camera the southbound direction beyond the civic center, we will come back with a look at south bay drive and san mateo bridge commute. >> google fiber is coming to san francisco. the company plans to bring the fast intent to part of the city but it is not clear where. they will be leading specifically to apartments and condos and affordable housing. it is now in four cities an the country and will offer the network in many more places moving forward including san jose. >> upis investing in a same day delivery service based in menlo park founded four years ago as same day delivery start-up. the company has raised $28 million from mall operators and now up. u.s. is competing with other delivery services to get fast
5:49 am
shipping because everyone expects things to be there yesterday. >> it could be the begin of the end for yahoo and investors will try to oust the board. >> at look at the flames, a wildfire raging out of control with children at camps are evacuating. if you are on the bay want out nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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the abc news app on go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> happening right new, this mega ship is scheduled to dock at the port of oakland in two
5:52 am
hours, a return trip for the large of the caper ship to ever birth in north america. it is big enough to carry 18,000 of the 20' cargo containers, it was captured under the bay bridge last december. the best view of this docking is going to be from the port of oakland pig harbor shoreline park leaving dome for seattle before it heads back to asia. >> a family spent four days driving crew america only to have almost everything they own stolen in oakland. one item is irreplaceable. can you see the empty parking space where the 16' long residents am van was parked. the van was packed on tuesday night on shattuck avenue and gone yesterday morning. along the van, an urn with the ashes of their infant daughter who died several years ago. >> the stuff that was taken in the truck, that can be replaced but my daughter's urm and ashes is something queer to my and my
5:53 am
family if you can return it, it is fine. >> certainly hope he is able to get that back. if you know about the van oakland police want to hear from you. >> dramatic change to come to the oakland skyline and the uptown neighborhood, the city council is asked to approve this sprawling 27 story high-rise if a vacant city owned lot on telegraph avenue. the plan is calling for a seven floor boutique hotel, retail space and 330 apartments, 50 which are designates as affordable. >> something that we are determined to do is to stop that displacement and make sure everyone benefits from the rising tide of prosperity. >> it is the first oakland high-rise in 10 years. developers hope to benefit from the hot real estate market. >> this whole quaterback is to
5:54 am
catch snakes but if australia they were hired to clear out a building before demolition and the owner suspected there was snakes inside the building but had no idea they were...giant pythons. look how big it is. they removed the snakes without being bitten or without being swallowed. >> team released this video of a humpback whale in the gulf of california trapped in a net. the rescue happened on friday, the footage is from the conservation society from wars," and working for hours with mexico to free them, the nets are illegal. >> springing forward and falling back could soon be things of the past here in california. a new bill authored by san jose assemblyman seeks to get rid of daylight saving time with new research showing the practice neither limits energy consumption or improves public
5:55 am
health and safety which is the point. many in california say daylight savings negatively impacts their life. it will go before the voters if it passed. but with a rolex everything is better. it doesn't matter. >> yes, the farmer is not wearing a rolex. >> i don't think so. >> good morning, everyone, santa rosa, 4%. san francisco, 8%. san jose, 3%. that is this february compared to february of 1998 when we had high hopes for el nino and some have given up. but it is healthy so far, our snow pack is 92% of where it should be and at 72% for the year and march is wetter than february. mid-70s through the central valley, and mid-to-upper we 80s around los angeles and the as risk means a record high is possible today with warmer-than-average the next seven days with no new snow.
5:56 am
i would we northbound, beyond the overcrossing 888, everyone is moving nicely here and there is the 880 we were tag about, the overcrossing, southbound direction and this is san jose 280 northbound with 17 and 880 overcrossing with a nice brisk drive slow out of the central valley, that is typical, and here is a look at the drive times highway 4 to hercules, 80 and 787 toward the aiport. some incredible rock-n-roll memorabelia could be yours with an i.r.s. holding an auction over failure to pay taxes. among 100 items up for sale including a jimi hendrix autographed album and is going on in texas but the i.r.s. is accepting mail in bids.
5:57 am
the f.a.a. is making drones more part of our daily lives and right now the droves are not allowed to fly above the general public because of safe concerns but that will change over guidelines and recommendations expected to be released in a final report in april. the goal is to expand commercial access and maintaining a high level of safety. >> you found the perfect place, the from room mate, but what about the lease? "7 on your side" lays out way need to know before moving in. >> high-tech mystery in sunnyvale neighbors say what go on behind these closed doors is on behind these closed doors is keeping them
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it may not seem like much but sunnyvale resolution enosis they building is causing big problems. there are loud noises coming from inside waking people up at all hours, and this morning,
6:00 am
they are blaming a super secret apple project for all of the problems. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is thursday, friend 5 at 6:00 a.m., and first, a check on the weather and traffic. mike? >> good morning, reggie and natasha, and everyone. no secrets: it is warm. it will be warm today. very if you high clouds. look at this, san jose showing total sunshine and temperatures are milder this morning. you are looking at 280 and 17, where it is 48 degrees and we are in the fete to low 50s through 7:00, mid-60s to 70 at noon, and a few high clouds this afternoon with the warm temperature and upper 60s to mid-70s. bart has a delay of ten minutes and this is san leandro and richmond and israelis direction with an early train trying to recover from. and ace train is one headed to


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